8 Major Differences Between Traditional Bomb Dogs and Vapor Wake® Dogs

In Vapor Wake By Laura Smoots / May 27, 2016

"My dog can do that."

We hear that statement many times during Vapor Wake® demonstrations to K9 industry folks, and we understand that there's a bit of confusion. We hope to clear that up, and describe the differences between traditional, Explosive Detection Dogs (EDDS) or bomb dogs and AMK9's patented and NCS4 lab-tested Vapor Wake® Canines. 

AMK9 understands the EDD business, and we know that traditional bomb dogs are vital to safety around the world. EDDs sniff for statically-placed bombs at a location or on a person, and are trained to sniff stationary objects one-by-one. This deployment is necessary for securing a location, or searching a vehicle at a checkpoint, and AMK9 uses traditional EDDs all over the world to do just that. Vapor Wake® Canines are used in a different application; usually in high-pedestrian flow areas, like the entrance to a concert or game, the airport security line, or on the crowded streets of New York City. Both EDDs and Vapor Wake® Canines are great resources in security, but each have a different application.

Here are a 8 major differences between traditional bomb dogs and Vapor Wake® Canines:

1. Vapor Wake® Dogs are Obedient to Odor 

EDDs are trained to view static objects as their “productive area”; Vapor Wake® dogs are obedient to the odor itself. A Vapor Wake® dog is trained to continuously sample the air for an explosive target, then follow it to its source in real time, while the target is in motion.

2. Vapor Wake® Dogs Lead the Search

Traditional EDDs are directed to sniff stationary objects.  A Vapor Wake® dog leads the handler; eliminating handler error. 

3. Vapor Wake® Dogs Undergo up to 15 Months of Training

EDDs are fully-trained in up to 2 months; Vapor Wake dogs are fully-trained in up to 15 months, using a scientific and patented training process. That's a big difference!

4. Vapor Wake® Dogs Work With Their Nose Up

Traditional EDDs work with their nose in a down position; Vapor Wake® dogs work with their nose up - sniffing the plumes of air around a person or around a crowd of people. 

5. Vapor Wake® Dogs Screen Hundreds of People at One Time

EDDs that are additionally trained to see people as their productive area, must screen people one-by-one, impeding the pedestrian flow into an event or venue. Vapor Wake® dogs non-intrusively screen hundreds of people  while they pass through an entry point, by sampling the heat plumes left behind in their wake. 

6. Vapor Wake® Dogs are the only Patented Technology in Canine Security

Vapor Wake® dogs are trained using a patented, training method. This technology was developed at Auburn University's Canine Performance Science's program, and includes nearly a decade of research and development. 

7. Vapor Wake® Dogs Can Perform Traditional Bomb Detection Searches 

We've already established that Vapor Wake® Dogs are primarily trained to sniff explosive materials in the air, left behind in the wake of a moving object or person. These elite dogs are also able to perform traditional bomb detection searches. A Vapor Wake® dog handler uses a harness on the Vapor Wake® Dog as a trigger to sample the air, but can easily switch the dog's collar to signal the dog to begin conducting stationary, bomb detection searches. A Vapor Wake® dog is trained to know the difference and is certified to perform both. How cool is that!

8. Vapor Wake® Dogs are the #1 Choice for Body-Worn Explosives Detection by Major Security Agencies 

Vapor Wake® Dogs are used by many major security agencies today: NYPD Counter Terrorism Unit, Chicago PD, LAPD, AMTRAK, Major International Airport security, Major Sporting organizations, Mega Churches,  Concert Security Vendors, and many more.

Recent news related to large agencies deploying Vapor Wake® Canines: 

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Did you know these differences? 

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