AMK9 Always Brings Our Hero Dogs Home

In Adoptions By Laura Smoots / June 24, 2016

AMK9 is known as the world's largest canine company. As the leader in this industry, we set the standard to ensure that our working dogs are given the best care during their working lives. And at the end of their working lives, every canine is given their hard-earned and well-deserved retirement

AMK9 cares about canine welfare. Each working dog has a difficult job to do, and we recognize their efforts, sacrifice, and relentless drive to help make the world safer. Our canines are included in the AMK9 Core Value statements, and our employees live by that value (and all the others, too!) every day. 

AMK9 Core Values: 

  • We conduct our business with honesty and integrity.
  • We are focused on serving our customers, and give customer matters urgent attention.
  • We are always friendly, courteous, and have respect for others.
  • We work as a team relentlessly. The well-being of our employees and canines are top priority.
  • We differentiate our products and services through an unwavering commitment to excellence.
  • We are fair and evenhanded in our dealings with others.

There has been recent news about other canine or security companies not providing a retirement for their working dogs after they've reached retirement age. These dogs are typically euthanized at their location.

This is unconscionable. This is not how AMK9 operates.  We bring our dogs home. All of them. No exceptions. 

In 2013, AMK9 brought 92 Retired K9 Veterans home from the Middle East. The incredible amount of logistical planning, man hours, care and attention that went into this move was unlike any that had been done before. The safety and welfare of the dogs who were responsible for protecting us overseas was the highest priority, regardless of cost and time. This story is only one of many that embodies the spirit and values of everyone involved at AMK9. The desire to do the right thing, even when it isn’t the easiest thing, is the basis of our K9 Adoption Program.  This journey was documented in our video: Coming Home 


Since 2014, AMK9 has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to bring hundreds of retired K9 heroes home. AMK9 will always to do this for all of our Hero K9s because this is right thing to do

Once our canines are safely back in the United States, we enroll each retired dog into our adoption program, and an independent adviser screens and carefully selects suitable homes and families. Our goal is to ensure a loving and safe retirement for our distinguished K9 veterans. Our first preference is to match up a retired K9 with their previous handler. If that option is not available, we will then provide the K9 for adoption to a loving family. 

If you are interested in adopting one of our  K9 Veterans, please use the link below to reach out to our Adoptions department. Please note that AMK9 does not always have dogs that are available for adoption, and that the demand for these retired K9 Veterans is high. We will work with interested parties via our Adoptions Department, or through one of our preferred K9 Adoption agencies. 

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