AMK9 Showcases the only Patented & Lab-Tested Detection Canine Technology on the Market at the 2016 NCS4 Conference

In Vapor Wake By Laura Smoots / August 03, 2016

AMK9's Vapor Wake® Division just returned from the 2016 NCS4 Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. It was a successful trip for presenters, vendors, and attendees as securing large-scale sporting events is a top priority in light of recent terrorist events.

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This year, attendees got to meet and mingle with Vapor Wake® Canine Chachi, who is part of a specialized canine unit only available through AMK9. Vapor Wake® Canines are the only patented and lab-tested detection canines on the market and were the only canines of this caliber present at the 2016 NCS4 show. Other canine vendors were present at the show, but they cannot do what Vapor Wake® Canines like Chachi can do: Follow an explosive material moving in a crowd directly to it's source. We recently published a blog: The 8 Major Differences Between Traditional Bomb Dogs and Vapor Wake Dogs, which lists these major differences. 

Salim Toorablly stopped by the Vapor Wake® Booth at the NCS4 Conference. Last November, Mr. Toorabally prevented a suicide bomber from entering the stadium in Paris. He was instrumental in reducing the number of causalities at the soccer match between France and Germany. 


Did you get a chance to see Chachi at NCS4 in Arizona? 

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