AMK9 Working to Clear IEDs & Explosives in Iraq for DoS Funded Program

In Insider, Government By Laura Smoots / August 08, 2016

AMK9 recently deployed canine teams to Iraq as part of a Department of State (DoS) Humanitarian effort to clear explosive materials left behind from the Iraq war. Specifically, AMK9's canine teams will sweep for "unexploded ordnance and abandoned explosive ordances and IEDs [Improvised Explosive Devices]". 

As a result of the wars in this region over the past decade, many Iraqi families were displaced, and are now returning home.  AMK9 is providing services to sweep these areas for bombs, and ultimately make these area safe and inhabitable for refugees of war. In addition to canine teams locating and clearing areas for explosive materials, this DoS program will also restore the basic necessities of life: water, electricity, housing, healthcare. 

The DoS program was supported as part of a Pledgling conference to raise additional funding from the United States and other countries. AMK9 through a prime contractor will remain in the area until the mission is complete.

To see the full Department of State Background Briefing, please click here

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