AMK9's Vapor Wake® Dogs Protect 70,000 Spectators at Super Bowl 50

In Vapor Wake By Laura Smoots / February 08, 2016

Security at Super Bowl 50 isn't something that's taken lightly. In fact, a quick Google search will yield results that indicate a few security measures that the NFL put in place to make sure spectators, fans, press, players, etc. were not the target of any type of attack. 

  • Thousands of police and security officers
  • 4,000 private security staff to assist Law Enforcement
  • US Air Force deployed two of its aircraft - an F-15 Eagle and a Cessna 182
  • Black Hawk Helicopters
  • No Fly Zone & No Drone Zone over stadium and surrounding area
  • Bomb Sniffing Dogs
  • And...AMK9's Vapor Wake® Canines

Some of the security measures were kept under wraps and understandably so. On the heels of the Paris Terrorist attacks, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security wanted to ensure a positive fan experience for such a high-profile event. 

So, when AMK9 offered the use of patented and lab-tested Vapor Wake® canine teams at Super Bowl 50, the NFL naturally said "Yes".  AMK9 deployed Vapor Wake® teams to sunny, Santa Clara California to help protect the 70,000 NFL fans that attended the landmark, Super Bowl 50. 

We can mark this one off the bucket list - Super Bowl 50 - check! Now if only the Carolina Panthers could have pulled off a WIN...but that's another blog post entirely. 

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