Ilitch Charities, Detroit Tigers Foundation donate funds to buy bomb-detecting dogs

In Vapor Wake By Laura Smoots / June 06, 2016

Ilitch Charities and its affiliate Detroit Tigers Foundation have donated $135,000 to state and local law enforcement agencies to purchase three highly trained, bomb-detecting dogs.

The Michigan State Police, Wayne State University Public Safety Department and Detroit Police Department will each get one of the dogs.

The patented Vapor Wake canine technology is the most advanced explosion detection technology of its kind in the U.S., said Charlie McGinty, vice president of sales for AMK9, in a news release.

It's been certified by the National Center for Spectator Sport Safety and Security as the first and only lab tested K9 security, he said.

Unlike traditional explosive detection dogs trained to focus on static objects or people, Vapor Wake dogs smell and target the odor of hand-carried or body-worn explosives in real time while a target is in motion, the organizations said in a release.

They can screen hundreds of people at sporting events, concerts, airports and train stations in a nonobtrusive way, catching the scent trail or vapor wake if someone is carrying an explosive material.

The three law enforcement agencies plan to begin using the dogs this summer at sporting events, concerts, airports, theaters and large event venues throughout the region, they said.

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