K9 Comfort in the Wake of a Suicide Bombing at Bagram Airfield

In Insider, Community Outreach By Chris Daniels / November 23, 2016

15109538_10154549179221043_3279683047559161953_n.jpgEarly in the morning on November 11, 2016, a Taliban suicide bomber penetrated the security at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan. His purpose was to detonate the explosive device in a location that would create the most horrific and catastrophic damage to coalition forces. Shortly after 5:30 am that morning the explosive shock wave ripped through the air sending deadly shrapnel at his intended targets. On this day the world lost four heroes; another 17 defenders of freedom were wounded.

For those that have experienced first-hand an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) attack, the sights and sounds will never leave you. The unexpected flash, followed by the shock wave, and then the chaotic aftermath. Nor will you forget the acts of courage and strength displayed on the battlefield. These heroic acts are not for medals or recognition; instead they are the love of those who are standing shoulder to shoulder to face the evil that exists in this world.

The bond that is developed within military units is something of a social 15055627_10154549179296043_1132110833993881504_n.jpgabnormality in today’s society riddled with divisive rhetoric. These bonds are developed through earned trust, common goals, shared values, and experiences. It's knowing the person to your left and right willingly raised their right hand and volunteered to face the enemies of freedom. It is commonly said that our military men and women, “wrote a blank check made payable to The United States of America, for an amount of up to and including their life.” Not only will these individuals risk their lives for you, but they are willing to do this day in and day out. Truly one of the most remarkable aspects of combat is the love between soldiers and the extraordinary acts they will commit in order to save their comrades. Sadly, on this day four defenders of freedom lost their lives.

The  soldiers that have been directly impacted by the horr15085563_10154549181116043_6993665552153227334_n.jpgor of this attack are beginning to heal and move forward. They need all the support they can get. AMK9 has but a small part in some of this support, and we are proud to do what we can. AMK9's support comes with four legs, puppy dog eyes, and a furry tail. AMK9's Jed is a comfort dog and has been spending time with these soldiers. His wagging tail and joyfulness have provided some relief during these trying times. In the days and weeks to come, Jed will stand ready to ease the pain of the traumatic experience; even if it is only for a few minutes. 

To those that are suffering from this attack, or any of the tens of thousands of IED attacks that have rocked the world in years' past; stay strong, fight on, and continue to the objective. AMK9 honors what you do and the sacrifices you make every day. Come what may, you will always have the support of AMK9 in your corner. 

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