Meet the Instructors: 19th Annual K9 Bomb & Drug Detection Seminar

In Law Enforcement By Laura Smoots / September 30, 2016

Each year for the past 18 years, AMK9 Law Enforcement (formerly Southern Coast K9) has hosted the a detection seminar focused on Bomb and Drug Detection. This November, we'll be hosting our 19th Annual K9 Bomb & Drug Detection Seminar. We've compiled an elite team of instructors that will teach, demonstrate, and test you and your K9s detection ability. Please take a few minutes to read over this year's list of instructors. 

Save the date: November 14-17  Location: New Smyrna Beach Florida

TED DAUS – Guest Lecturer

Ted Daus is an Assistant State Attorney with the Broward County State Attorney’s Office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He has been a prosecutor for the past 25 years, the last 20 of which he has been in the Drug Trafficking Unit for the State Attorney’s Office. Ted graduated from the Nova Southeastern School of Law in 1991. He has extensive experience as a lecturer on search and seizure for D.E.A., U.S. Customs, various Florida Police Departments, the Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Association, the Police K9 Training Institute, and the Canine Development Group. He lectures regularly across the country to National Canine Organizations such as U.S.P.C.A., N.P.C.A., and N.A.P.W.D.A. He is an Adjunct Professor of Law for Nova Southeastern University teaching and coaching national mock trial teams. Ted was counsel of record for Police K9 Magazine & the National Police Canine Association before the United States Supreme Court having helped, as a part of a team of lawyers, win the victory on the issue of Drug Dog Reliability in Florida vs. Harris which reversed the Florida Supreme Court.

ANDREW WEIMAN – Guest Lecturer

Andrew is a 29-year veteran of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office and Trainer for their Drug, Currency, and Gun Detection dog teams. Andrew is trained by the Canadian Customs Detection Dog service, is a Judge and Trainer for the United States Police Canine Association, and actively works drug detection, cell phone detection, tobacco and gun detection for the Broward County Sheriff’s Office Street Crimes Unit. Andrew has been qualified as an expert in both State and Federal court, acted as a consultant for the Florida Attorney General’s Office in several cases presented to the Florida Supreme Court, and instructed for the Multijurisdictional Counterdrug Task Force Training at locations around the United States and its territories since 1996. He is the Director for HITS Training & Consulting and provides training and hands on classes to handlers around the US.

PETE JONES – Explosive Specialist Instructor – Tripwire Operations Group

Peter Jones is an accomplished Explosive Specialist with 20+ years of experience in security / and all topics related to explosives. Peter is a former U.S. Air Force Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician and Transportation Security Specialist in Explosives. Peter has a record of success in developing and delivering training classes associated with explosives (Improvised and Conventional), effects, identification, handling, and demolition. He is nationally recognized for his ability to build and maintain positive working relationships with key personnel and agencies. Peter has provided over 5,000 hours of Explosive Effects, Identification, Safety, and Associated Hazards training to include live fire demonstrations to over 8,100 Federal, State, and Local First Responders, Law Enforcement Officers, Security Personnel, and Military Members.

NEWTON VILLALONA – Director of Training – AMK9 Law Enforcement (Florida)

Newton’s experience began as a K9 Handler working for the Santo Domingo Police Force in the Dominican Republic. He also worked as a K9 Handler in Iraq before beginning his career at AMK9 Law Enforcement (formerly Southern Coast K9) in 2004. Newton began his career with AMK9 Law Enforcement as a K9 Trainer and Decoy, and through his hard work became our Director of Training. Everyone in the K9 field from both the United States and Europe, who have had the opportunity to observe him, have agreed that his natural ability and his enjoyment of working K9s have allowed him to excel and become an expert in this field.

BILL MORAITIS - K9 Instructor/Trainer

Bill was a New York State Police Officer for 3 years and a deputy with the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office for the past 12 years, working as a Bomb K9 Handler & Trainer. He is a previous member of Volusia County Bomb Squad & was a New York Arson Investigator.

JACK MURRAY – K9 Instructor/Trainer

Jack has 19 years of Law Enforcement experience and has been a K9 Handler & Instructor since 1997, with 15 years’ experience as Dual Purpose K9 Handler & Trainer. Jack is currently with the Daytona Beach Police Department as the K9 Trainer. He is a FDLE K9 Certified Instructor and certified Drug Detection Instructor through AMK9 Law Enforcement.

JOEY ROMER – K9 Instructor/Trainer

Joey was Sergeant for the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office in Florida, and a K9 Instructor conducting K9 seminars. He is a previous K9 Handler and Trainer with over 15 years of experience.

JEFF WILBUR – K9 Instructor/Trainer

Jeff is an investigator with the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office in Florida and a K9 Handler for 15 years. He was assigned to the Interdiction Squad which enables him to share a wealth of information with this students.

MIKE GOODWIN – K9 Instructor/Handler

Mike has over 25 years in law enforcement, 19 of those in Narcotics (EVNTF/VBI) and 10 of those as a drug detection dog handler with the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, where he continues to work as a drug detection K9 Handler.

JOE DURNEY - K9 Instructor

Joe Durney is currently a Senior Deputy in his 12th year with Volusia County Sheriff’s Office. He has worked the past 9 years in Canine Unit as a Lead Odor Instructor, and an Explosives and Drugs Instructor for the past 4 years. Joe has been on the Volusia County SO Bomb Squad for 9 years and is a Bomb Technician. His certifications include: Hazardous Devices Technician, FBI Hazardous Devices School, Redstone Arsenal, 2009  Certification: FBI Post Blast Investigator, 2010, 2013 Certification: ATF Post Blast Investigator, 2011 Bomb Squad Affiliations: IABTI

VINNIE MASCI - K9 Instructor

Vinnie Masci has 31 years of experience in law enforcement for the NYPD and the Volusia County Sheriff's Office. During this time, he worked as a Patrol & Detection K9 Handler for over a decade, and is a FDLE Certified K9 instructor. He also was a SWAT member for 10 years and Negotiator for 7 years. 

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