NYPD’s New Canines at ‘Front Line’ of Anti-Terror Efforts

In Vapor Wake By Z_Lynch / March 23, 2016

Eight dogs had their day Wednesday afternoon as the NYPD ushered in its newest graduating class of highly-trained canines — which are now tasked with keeping New Yorkers safe in the wake of the Brussels attacks.
“Ironic, in the sense of the horrific events in Belgium yesterday, that we are having this graduation today because one of our front line defenses in the line against terrorism are these wonderful canines,” boasted Police Commissioner Bill Bratton, as he honored the bomb-sniffing K9 unit during a ceremony at the College Point Police Academy in Queens.
The police pups, all of which are Labradors, are known as “Vapor Wake Detection Dogs” — which means they are able to detect airborne particles from explosives moments after a person carrying or wearing them has left an area.
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