The Elite K9 Unit That Keeps New York Safe

In Vapor Wake By Laura Smoots / May 25, 2016

NEW YORK—On your average weekday, the New York City subway sees more than 5.6 million people pass through it, and in all 2015, it saw more than 1.7 billion riders. These trains sometimes have people packed elbow-to-elbow, yet your average New Yorker is probably more concerned about about stalls from signal problems than about terrorist threats.

So why is it that commuters don’t have to walk through metal detectors or take off their shoes each time they hop on a train? And how is it that people in a city that just over a decade ago witnessed the worst terrorist attack the world has ever known, can go about their rides with a general sense of ease?

Some of that thanks is owed to two police officers who transformed a scrappy unit with a beat-up paddy wagon and a handful of dogs, into one of the most advanced K9 units anywhere in the world. 

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