Vapor Wake® Keeps Jordan-Hare Safe

In Commercial, Vapor Wake, Science & Technology By Admin / September 10, 2015

On Saturday, the gates of Jordan-Hare Stadium will open to welcome the 2015 football season. Fans will notice changes around the stadium that have been added to enhance the nation’s best gameday experience. One thing that hasn’t changed…Auburn’s commitment to the safety of its fans and spectators.


During the 2014 season, fans may have noticed a few four-legged friends screening fans entering Jordan-Hare. These dogs are a part of the partnership between AMK9 and Auburn Research and Technology Foundation (ARTF), an alliance formed in 2012. Auburn University’s Canine Performance Sciences Programs teamed with AMK9 to conduct state-of-the-art research and training to develop Vapor Wake Technology, a strong and versatile, non-intrusive detection tool in the fight against terrorism. Vapor Wake training enhances explosives detection and other illicit substances, giving K9 teams the ability to search and detect explosives on a person while they are in transit. The technology received a U.S. patent in 2015. Read the entire article here.